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It's been forever I know...

And I have no time to play catch-up atm, but I just had to make sure you all saw this. I haven't looked into whether this is a hoax or not, but it is HILARIOUS jus the same! Crazy PETA...


Work frustrations

So I have been fighting a small battle at work to get people to respect my workspace. I think I'm loosing. It has been very frustrating to come in to work to find my deska nd drawer trashed. I went through and organized the entire clusterfuck that was my predecessor's desk. I like to keep my portion of the office as organized as possible, as the yin to my boss's messy yang.

This is how I leave my desk on Friday

And this is how I leave my drawer on Friday

And this is how I find my workspace after the weekend

Please note that the office (that I share with the executive chef) is supposed to remain locked at all times. Outside of Chef and I, only the four top managers and security have the key. Chef is not the one making this mess, since he has his own workspace, and a bit of respect for my system, workspace, and person. Yet evey night without fail, locked drawers open themselves (only I have the key to the desk drawer) and pencils, pens, markers and highlighters dissapear. Papers and invoices fly all over the place, tacks and paperclips leap out of their neat compartments in the drawer and strew themselves throughout the drawer. Not to mention the magical migrating tape dispenser.
 Also, pukey misery-time is pretty much over at this point.

The sad thing is, I could see this kind of debacle happening in my own bathroom.


I am annoyed

I am annoyed that just a couple weeks after I go out and buy my copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting they come out with a brand new, heavily revised 4th edition. GRRR! Women have been having babies for how long? And they needed to make major revisions? Well I hope they added a section on home births, because we are seriously considering one. Doesn't matter, I'll probably buy the 4th edition simply because I may feel like I am missing out on something incredibly hip in the mothering world, or some vital piece of information that not knowing will seriously hadicap my ability to be a mother.

I am annoyed that my summer clothes don't fit. Ok, so I put on a few pounds BEFORE the pregnancy...but I already have the beginnings of a belly, and this irritates me. I'm barely at 10 weeks and I am showing? This seems moderately ridiculous to someone who has barely been able to eat for the past 5 weeks or so. If I wasn't being a glorified incubator right now I would have LOST weight with this current diet. Instead I've gained a cup size in my bra and a small protective fat layer on my midsection. 

I am annoyed that the motheringdotcommune forums have been down for a whole 5 minutes, and there is no one online.

I am annoyed that I was so sick this morning that I had to leave work early.

I am annoyed that I went to bed at ten last night and still I am exhausted.


 So the girls are gone and I am in the recovery process. I had a blast this weekend, but they really wore me out. Friday we walked an obscene amount...due to a mix up on my part (I thought it was the 29th not the 28th) and some misinformation online, we tried to go to the kite festival via the Farragut West stop, but then they had streets blocked off due to a fire so we had to walk the long way and I realized my mix up in dates so we went around the back of the white house, down to the Washington monument, then all the way to the Lincoln memorial, (spent a little time walking through the WW2 memorial before that - beautiful work Jeff!) then to the Vietnam memorial, then all the way (due to more misinformation [I asked the park authority for the closest metro stop, which I was thinking was Smithsonian]) to the Foggy Bottom stop. We went to New Big Wong in Chinatown and then got off at DuPont and walked to Georgetown for some window shopping. Saturday we kept it simple. First we wen to the National Air and Space Museum followed by, of all places (they wanted to go, it wasn't my suggestion), the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). We had a good time at both places, they got space ice cream and I gave them a personal tour of the USHMM since I've been there about 8 times plus I took a class on it. It was actually kind of funny, because I was trying to speak very softly (the main exhibit is always eerily quiet) so that only the girls could hear me, but apparently I had a little following of people who were listening to me walk through the exhibit and give them the basics that, had they read it all, would have taken us easily three hours instead of an hour and fifteen minutes. We then went to Matsu and we treated the ladies to their first real sushi. My cousin said she liked sushi, but she'd only had the grocery store kind. Melody liked it (she'd never had it before at all) but the straight raw fish was just too much for her. I think she's more of a CA roll kind of sushi eater. Please, before I get seven comments about how you're not supposed to eat sushi when you're preggers, everything  I ate (except for two pieces of John's spicey yellowtail) was fully cooked. It wasn't ealy, but I did it. Look, you can't make me give up cigs, alcohol, caffeine AND sushi. That's just plain mean. By Sunday however, I was so tired that I stayed in bed most of the day, I finally got up at 2pm when we had to go drop the girls off. And inspite of all that sleep, I still was tired last night and couldn't wait to go to bed.

All in all, it was a good weekend, but I really wanted to go to the zoo. I'm going to try to get a couple people together to go to the zoo maybe this coming Saturday. I want to see the Giant Octopus feeding at 11 or 3!


Untitled - a plea

I need YOUR help. My teenage [female] cousin and my sister (Mel - the 2nd youngest) are coming to stay with me for the weekend, starting tonight. They have been given some cash, and this is what they wanted to do for their birthdays (both in Feb, when I was in bed with hurt neck). I have off tomorrow, and they want to “see” DC. My cousin is from Richmond and my sister is from Fredericksburg, neither have ever really been to DC. My question to you is: what to tourists do in DC? I never really did the tourist thing, but I am supposed to show them a good time this weekend.


So far what I’m thinking we’ll do is:

  • The cherry blossoms.
  • The zoo
  • A highlights tour of the Smithsonians.
  • Chinese food in Chinatown
  • Whitehouse tour is out – way to difficult to schedule, and our group is too small.


We are going to be Metroing it, so we’re traveling pretty light. Anything I’m missing? Anything you really enjoyed when you visited DC?

Go outside right now. RIGHT NOW

It smells like spring. It really, really does. And not that fake spring smell that is in detergeant, real, clean, earthy, fresh, slighlty damp, green, tingly, oh-so-close SPRING smell.

In other news, I dreamt that a good friend of mine had a baby. She asked me to babysit the newborn while she supervised the exact placement of the crib (typical behavior for this particular friend). I of course I have no problmes watching after children of any size. Except in this dream, I dropped it. I dropped it. It freaked me out so bad I woke up. I woke up to this wonderful, beautiful spring day. And I still can't shake that horrified feeling. True, it's been a few years since I did more than hold a baby for more than a half hour or so, but still, I somehow don't think I've forgotten how to hold one. geez. I may have to ask K if we can scale back the babytalk when we hang out, because it is apparently beginning to mess with my subconcious!

I thought of you, King Nerd. You and your gigantic pile of books, which, when I first saw them strewn about of the floor in heaps, reminded me of Smaug's lair. I suppose felt a bit like Bilbo, peering over the edge, eyes wide. So much treasure!

When did I think of you? When my mother took pity on my carless house-bondage the week before last and picked me up and took me to McKay's Used Books in Manassas. I do not particularly like McKay's, I prefer to drive to Warrenton to B.J.'s Books, which is owned by a couple of very kind, slightly pudgy older women who read waaaay too much. But forgive me, I digress.

My mom needed to trade a huge stack of smut, so I wandered the stacks as she selected a new stack of trashy, ill written romances to take home. (not to knock trashy romances, but the one's that aren't well written...*shudder* I just can't do it. Those western cowboy stories she favors are just too terrible...tooooo terrible!) 

I my neck was killing me and I so I made my way towards the mass of pink and red covered paperback where I knew my mother would be. I cut across the Science Fiction / Fantasy section, and to my suprise, saw a book I hadn't read in ages. Anyone here familiar with Redwall ? It was an old copy, before they redid the covers. I started reading it and in a fit of nostalgia decided to buy it. I decided to give the ole SF/F section, which I normally neglect, I good look. I found The Road to Underfall another oldie that I hadn't read since that summer when I was 12 or 13 and I read everything I could reach in our small rural library. Then I saw a name - Anne McCaffrey. It sounded so familiar...but from where? I'm pretty sure I hadn't read any of the title's I was seeing, so I pulled a volume out. Immediately it clicked. Ahhhh those dragon books that Seth had five hundred thousand copies of.* I'm sure I spend at least an hour looking for "em, em, McCaff - McCaffrey...em em em" in that huge pile of books. I looked the book up and down, read the back cover, and decided, well, in honor of Seth, and so many more of my Sci-Fi / Fantasy loving friends, I would give it a try. And if I hated it, I felt I would have solid justification for my general dislike for genre. 

So yesterday I finally got up the courage to crack the cover of Dragonflight during dinner. (Yes, that's right. I read during dinner. John was stuck in traffic due to the freezing rain, so I once again partook of that solitary delight: combining two of my favorite pastimes, reading and eating.) Imagine my suprise when I discovered about 12am that I had read the sucker cover-to-cover in almost 6 hours. I am pretty sure John came home during that time, heated himself a plate, played some WoW...I think he tried to talk to me, I can't be sure. I was absolutely immersed in that book...it has been a while since a story really captured my attention and consumed my whole focus. I can honestly say I really, really, really enjoyed that book. I'll be sneaking back to the bookstore tomorrow on my way home from work with some money pilfered from the grocery budget to buy my own pile, methinks.**

*This is apparently where the meds ate a whole in my brain. Of course, I was still on the muscle relaxers at the time, so perhaps this mistake can be blamed on simply being high, and not a serious medical condion for which I may want to seek treatment. Apparenly Seth has no McCaffrey. Who knew. I am pretty sure he has every anthology with a preview, an excerpt, or a foreward by R.A. Salvatore though. I don't think I can forget that name.

**And so what started as (what I considered) a grand gesture to understand my friends and their loyal fascination with a genre that I have always disliked and even disdained turned into a wierd nothingness. Oh well. I've still found another source of fluff to read on the ole sickbed.*** (I'm sticking to the Bronte at work, can't loose face there.) Man, I feel dumb.

***speaking of the sickbed, I am feeling 200% better. I'm back at work, which is awesome. Nothing like being reminded that you are a failure and a shame to your major eight hours a day, four days a week.****  And now I feel nothing but irritation with myself for attempting a grand gesture, failing miserably, and compremising my own literary code of conduct in the process.

****In other news*****, I am full of awesome and win. Also known as the Chef's worst assistant EVAR. That's right everbody...not only was I sick for my first couple of weeks (after telling him in my interview that I rarely get sick), I locked myself out of the computer system my first day alone, I constantly mix up my coworkers names so that now I am petrified of speaking to anyone, I may have inadvertantly (through no fault of my own, I assure you) gotten my boss in a tight place with his boss today, and to top it all off...I killed the man's fish today. I swear, I just changed its water EXACTLY the way you're supposed to. (I had a Beta for sevaral years as a child) It died right before I left for the day. Like I said, full of awesome and win. Hello Holly, angel of death / poster of awkwardness******.

***** I just make a footnote on a footnote. again. Holly = awesome and win. 

******Am I spelling it wrong, or is awkward actually spelled rather awkwardly? It just looks wierd. Huh. Maybe its my bedtime.