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Honey, this is what happens when you fall in love.

You're looking at a natural disaster.

I wanna write like Janet Fitch
21 April
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I am a loca chica who loves life. I enjoy spending time with my small circle friends and my family, reading, writing, and studying. I work hard and whenever I'm not working I'll probably be doing one of the things I listed before. I'm currently a Senior at GMU, and I love it. My major is English, with a concentration in contemporary world literature. I also work full time at a car dealership. I love shoes and thrift stores and Target and drinking coffee and sarcasm and seeing irony in every situation and reading books that make me think "I want to write like this" and music that puts me in a blue-grey funk for a week.

I'm getting married in July of 2007 to jellio2000 I am so excited! But I promise that I will not be one of those women who seems incapable of blogging anythign but her wedding plans. Believe me, it's going to be a small ceremony and reception, and I'm not that hung up on it. Excited? yes, but obsessed? no.

Think 'Girl Next Door With a Secret': a little bit sugar and a lotta bit spice, a few things kinky and all things nice.

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